In the world market at the beginning of Covid in 2020, half of James Brock's casual staff were sent home because of the massive bad situation, which devastated the sales of James Brock's former company. It was a very sad situation for him and this situation was beyond his comprehension. James Brock became very worried about how he would cover his daily expenses as he was also affected by the decision of his former company.

However, as time went on, James Brock stopped nan. He wonders how to maximize profits in trading stocks and Crypto Currencies. Finally, James Brock takes the time to make himself more efficient and brings success, and starts making passive income every day.

  • James Brock is a stock trader who amassed huge assets worth $2M between 2019 and 2022.
  • James Brock uses his own funds and his own skills and does his own business without transacting anyone else’s capital.
  • James Brock prefers trading in stocks that move in a trend and he avoids broad markets. When prices reach a critical point, he waits to see how they react.
  • James Brock also uses price patterns combined with volume analysis to determine whether to keep the trade open.
The enormity of his success becomes even more astonishing when he considers that he does business using his funds, using his experience, and without raising anyone else’s capital. There is no question that times have changed since James Brock traded stocks and commodities. Markets traded much lower than they do today, and rice is volatile. James Brock talks about sliding multiple points to major stocks with the purchase or sale of 1,000 shares.

Despite the change in time, his rules still apply, and the types of prices he was looking for are still very relevant today. We will look at a summary of the patterns that James Brock traded, as well as his time indicators and trading rules.

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James Brock didn’t have the advantage of modern-day charts to graph his price patterns. Instead, the patterns were simply prices that he kept track of in a ledger. He only preferred to trade in stocks running on a trend and he avoided the broader market. When prices reached a critical point, he waited to see how they reacted.

For example, if a stock drops $50, bounces up to $60, and now returns to $50, James Brock's rules require you to wait until the key point is effective for trading. If that same stock moves to $48, he will enter a trade on the short side. If it bounces from the $50 level, he will enter the long at $52, looking closely at the $60 level, which is a "major point".

Although James Brock did not trade the range, he did trade breakouts from the range market. He used a similar technique as above, entering a new high or low but using a buffer to reduce the chances of a false breakout.

Price patterns combined with volume analysis were also used to determine whether to keep the trade open. Here are some of the criteria Jesse used to determine if he was in the right position:
Increased volume on the breakout.
  • The first few days after the break, prices should move towards a breakout.
  • A normal reaction occurs where prices lag slightly behind the trend, but the volume in the retreat is lower than the trend direction.
  • As the normal response ends, the volume increases again towards the trend.
Deviations from these patterns were warning signals, and if confirmed by price movements through key points, indicated that exit or unrealistic gains should be made.

Any trader knows that getting right a little too early or being too late can be just as harmful as being right. Timing in the financial market is crucial and does not provide a better time than price. The key points mentioned above also occur in individual stocks and market indices. Make sure to trade the price before entering the big position.

James Brock believed that no matter how much we “feel” we know what’s going on, we have to wait for the market to confirm our thesis. And only when it does, can we do our business and we must do it immediately.

The trading rules that are followed are simple and have been incorporated into many trading plans of many traders since they were created almost a century ago. They're still valid today and were created under James Brock's triad: "There's nothing new on Wall Street. There can't be, because speculation is as old as the mountains. What happens in the stock market today has happened before and will happen again."
  • Trade with trends. Buy at a bull market, small at a bear market.
  • Don't trade when there aren't clear opportunities.
  • Trade using the pivotal points.
  • Wait for feedback before entering the market. Patience leads to “big money”.
  • Let's run profit. Close trades that show losses (good trades usually show direct gains).
  • Trade with a stop and know it before entering.
  • Exit trades where the possibility of further gains is remote (trend has ended or decreased).
  • Leading stock trades in each sector; Trade the strongest stock in the bull market or the weakest stock in the bear market.
  • Don't average down a losing position.
  • Do not fill a margin call; Close location instead.
  • Don't follow too many stocks.

Before you trade anything, learn what you can do about investing and the market. Mistakes can be costly.

There are lots of free educational resources out there that teach you how to do business through an online broker. Consider the Morningstar Investing Classroom or an investment course FREE at

Also, most stock brokers offer their training center and a staff of former traders or investment advisers who can guide you. Some brokers, such as, offer their clients paper trading, a simulation of trading that is a great way to practice without money or risk.

James Brock started the business at the age of 14, making its first profit of $3.12 at age 15 and later earning $1,000 at the same age. At age 20, he made $10,000. He continued to earn without losing money, shortening the stock market, benefiting from the stock market crash, and earning $2 million.

James Brock began his successful trade journey through James Brock also said that is the best, easy, and highly profitable trading space for beginners.

The first step is to open a brokerage account for you. You need this account to access investments in the stock market.

The next step is to transfer the money from your bank account to your brokerage account to fill the business of the stock you want to buy. The amount of money you want to invest depends on your risk tolerance, and goals.

Keep in mind that over time, as stock market prices generally rise, there may be short-term market fluctuations, which can put your money at risk.

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